Vladimir Putin

Stewart, William J.

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The subject of "What are my individual rights?" Rights and duties of citizenship. Natural rights, down through the years, becoming known as civil rights. A just state one in which all individuals freely enter into agreement to abide by the decisions of the majority. The right of possession, the right of life; the indispensability of the law in order to enjoy these rights. Hence, the need for government. A discussion of the rights and duties of citizenship. Confronting the problems of peace as a challenge to our very life; a challenge that should stir to action the noblest and best that is in each one of us. Resolving to assume our individual responsibility to develop and help govern our country in the same superlative way in which so many of His Majesty's Forces fought for it. Victories in peace. Upon what peace depends. Democracy: what it is and how we have betrayed it by neglecting our duties. Some figures regarding voting activity. The greatness of any nation measured by its intellectual clearness, the moral calibre of its people and the collective loyalty to the Crown and their faith and belief in Divine Providence. Are we doing our part to have a united Canada? A look at the population of Canada, and migration to the United States. What the government can do about it. Evidence of the government's failure to enforce legislation. Sharing our privileges and opportunities with others. The imminence of immigration. The speaker's parameters on who should be attracted to Canada. What makes an immigrant a good citizen. The consequences of our indifference to newcomers. Education, not legislation as the solution. A Citizenship Committee of representative citizens, appointed by the Ontario Adult Education Board, with the speaker as Chairman, with the sole purpose of organizing for the teaching of Citizenship. Details of the plan of this Committee. Immigration figures. The need for clear thinking, and active citizenship as the world passes through this period of convalescence. An invitation to The Empire Club of Canada to participate in the doing of this work. "Faith without works is of no avail. Can we count on you?"