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Hubert T. Lacroix

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Creating a Space for Canadian Voices in a Chaotic Media Landscape

The speaker's position as head of CBC/Radio-Canada. What he soon discovered about the public broadcaster after he arrived in 2008. The 29 services that the CBC brings to Canadians. The speaker's role as a listener as a priority. Some of the common perceptions and misconceptions that he encountered. The three most common myths from English Canada and the speaker's responses to them. CBC/Radio-Canada and how it is performing remarkably well. Some comparisons to conventional broadcasters. Some statistics. Website and podcast activity. The new interactive relationship with audiences. Fulfilling the mandate effectively. Facing extremely difficult financial times. The unique role for CBC/Radio-Canada of protecting and promoting democracy and Canadian culture with specific points on what that means. Some examples. The desire for stronger presence in the regions of Canada. Efforts being made to respond to this desire. The next four years. Determining how success could happen. The economic downturn and its effects. Protecting key assets while reducing services in the new fiscal year. Government funding. A final question for the audience.