Vladimir Putin

Benson, Kevin

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A busy past year, chasing goals the speaker described to the Club in October of last year. Nearing the half-way mark of the speaker's company's four-year plan. An outline of progress to date; a discussion of plans for the next year. Moving from the painful cost-cutting phase to the more aggressive growth mode of the plan. A number of challenges faced in 1996. Improving the bottom line. Revenue growth as a key focus in 1998 and 1999. Overhauling the network in 1997 with a number of underlying objectives, outlined. A strategy of winning a bigger share of the U.S. market, using ties with American as well as with Japan Airline and Qantas. How the objective was facilitated. New routes being added to Asia. Optimising service to Heathrow. A number of assumptions proved sound in 1998. What did not work out as planned. Help given by a competitor. Short-term work stoppages and their consequences. Moving ahead with a number of other development. Oneworld - a full interactive relationship of five carriers. Some passenger figures. Working on a number of other relationships. Fine-tuning operations to improve options and connections for travellers across Canada. Onboard product. The airline's ability to stay the course. The need to be cautious and wary of some challenges. Planning growth carefully and drawing comfort from the fact that Canadian has one of the lowest operating costs of any airline in North America. A thank you to faithful customers.