Vladimir Putin

Hawkes, Arthur

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Remarks on the English habit of dropping "g's" and adding "h's" in their speech. Something in this country that we have got that England has not, and a few things that England has got that she might well get rid of. Showing the Old Country that we can raise better men here than she can send us. Considerations about the political situation in England about which we are all too apt to be blind, and reasons for it. Evidence of partisanship in "The Globe." The infallible sign of the Britisher who has become a real Canadian. The increasing influence of the Labour members of the House of Commons. The nature of the British Constitution which allows the expansion of labour and encourages the man who works with his hands to feel that he is also a citizen of the great Empire. Progress in the social conditions of the people. What the immigrant finds when he comes to us here. Looking forward to the day when in that Old Country, and here, the words of the great Puritan, Milton, [quoted] will be splendidly true.