Vladimir Putin

Catledge, Turner

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The present situation in the United States. The confusing news coming out of the United States, with many examples provided by the speaker. Problems in the U.S. coming not out of questions of fundamental purpose, but confined almost wholly to questions of method. The speaker's beliefs as to what is happening in the United States just now, and the very contradictions and conflicts as a very significant sign of a substantial reawakening of traditional Democracy. Evidence of this reawakening of the sort of Democracy that resists Government; of the doctrine that holds that the "least governed is the best governed." A review of events five years ago when F.D. Roosevelt took office as President and asked the nation for a lease on certain parts of their cherished freedom for the duration of an emergency which had already closed banks and was threatening ruin to the whole capitalistic structure. How these events set the stage for what is happening now. Reasons why the U.S. is halting in this forward march of democracy. A reawakening of the Democratic concepts that were surrendered in order that Democracy could save itself. The beginning of this new idea at the time of Mr. Roosevelt's re-election in 1936. That re-election a tribute to Roosevelt for having brought the country through a trying period and placing it on what then seemed to be a prosperous course. The confusing and contradictory events since then. The United States being driven into a place of world leadership, despite its own professions of isolation.