Vladimir Putin

O'Leary, Grattan

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Public challenge to public life. The word "politician" as a term of reproach. Why politics has fallen into disrepute. The growing propensity among all of us to question, to criticize, to misrepresent and to vilify the politicians as a class. Change brought about by the War. How much of this public attitude is justified by the facts. Taking a look at the record. A discussion of the issue of having business men in politics, with an illustrative example. Who is balancing the budget of the United States. The case of war debts. A look at our own Imperial Conference of last year. A discussion of the statement that business and government are two vitally different things. An examination of the charge that politics is corrupt, with another look at the record. The four classes of people who constantly assail politicians, with a discussion of each. The speaker's contention that constant abuse of politicians, constant attacks upon the efficiency and the integrity of public men is having a bad effect in Canada, resulting in the destroying of public confidence in our representative constitution and instilling in the minds of our younger generation that public life and all politicians are corrupt.