Vladimir Putin

Johnson, Edward

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The art of experiencing pleasure through hearing as one of our most primitive and precious possessions. The pleasure implicit in music, an art which since time immemorial has swayed the emotions of humanity and which, especially at this time, has an important bearing on our mind and spirit in a way few of us fully realize. Endeavours in Guelph to place music in a much more intimate and closer association with normal everyday life. Educators throughout the world devising ways and means whereby they can stimulate the interest and enthusiasm of the youth of the country. The speaker's belief that in art and music lie important keys to unlock the treasures of elan and "urge" so vital to the higher fulfilment of youth's destiny. The sense of hearing that is left very much in the background. An illustration of the way in which we moderns have come to use the eye as a means of understanding, to the disadvantage of other senses. Acute hearing used by primitive man for protection. Re-acquiring our capacity to hear through the medium of music. Music as the embodiment of rhythm. First teaching children how to place the voice. Bringing into our childrens' souls the greater and more valuable things of the spirit through the medium of art. Some illustrative experiences. The speaker's belief that art and religion are in the same sphere, and that of all the arts, none is so infused with this feeling of beauty than music. Music as the language of the universe. The ability of music to humanize and refine. Music as the true medium of expression through which are reflected the ever-changing aspects of humanity. Music as the only art wherewith to reveal the Infinite.