Vladimir Putin

Powell, Ellis T.

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The term "Scientific Imperialism" and whether or not that is an inconsistent term. Having done with Imperialism in the old significance of the word. What the speaker means by Scientific Imperialism: the domination of the natural forces of this earth into subjection to the mind of man, and consequently into the furtherance of his highest destiny. The boundless opportunities for the development of mankind on the intellectual and spiritual sides; just now beginning to visualize them along the intellectual horizon. One or two directions in which the speaker thinks the intellect of man is destined to evolve, with specific instances. The gulf which lies between man as the citizen of Canada today and man as a citizen of Canada in 100 or 200 years' time immeasurably wide. The speaker only just briefly today indicating to us as part of the tenets of the higher Imperialism, some pathways which we and our progeny will tread towards that noble destiny. Canada's patriotic loyalty to the Empire. The British Empire as much more than a partnership. The development of a real imperial soul, a great imperial personality.