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Wilson, Honourable Cairine M.

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Ladies Day Giving credit to the members of the female sex, who have struggled so long and courageously for the privileges which are accepted naturally today. A look at women in various societies and cultures throughout the past centuries; their status, position, education, and self-worth. Employment historically open to women. Reasons which brought about the militant measures to which women in England were driven. The fight for the franchise over 65 years. The first petition for votes in 1866. The effect of such agitation and Florence Nightingale's splendid work in the Crimean War upon the imagination of the public, and the strength of women's cause. Claiming the right to vote. The married Women's Property Act. The Guardianship of Infants Act. The long period of struggle between 1866 and 1906. The heroism and sacrifice of the suffragettes. Mrs. Pankhurst's 14 imprisonments. The beneficial result of the incarceration of the suffragettes in that prison conditions were investigated, found to be appalling, and long overdue reforms were finally instituted. The chance that war gave women to prove their capability. The formation and work of the Scottish Women's Hospital. Urging every woman to use her ballot to the best of her ability. New avenues open to women.