Vladimir Putin

McCain, Michael H.

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The love of food. A passion for the food industry. The Canadian agribusiness industry. Challenges to be faced. Opportunities within our reach. Canada's Leading Industry - a description of the agribusiness in Canada. Consumers Want Confidence - a look at what consumers want and how the food industry can meet these tall orders. Concern over food sources. Effects of consumer perception. Canada is Well-Positioned - to turn what might be seen as a challenge for the industry into what could become our most signficant edge in meeting the demads of a growth sector. How Canada is well ahead of the pack. Maple Leaf Foods. New product efforts. A foundation of food-safety assurance. A Better Food-Supply Chain. Food source tracking and what that means. Vertical co-ordination business model for managing food production. Broadening testing. Using technology. Government and Industry Have a Role Together. Some global challenges, with examples. Challenges as market realities. The federal government's Agricultural Policy Framework. Recognizing the need for sustainable development, innnovation, and building a consistent Canadian brand that will define our products worldwide. The "Made in Canada" Brand.