Vladimir Putin

Fairclough, The Honourable Ellen L.

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The speaker's view that there is no difference in one's approach to the problems of business or state because of one's sex. Changes in a woman's role in society. A brief historical look at the part women have played in public affairs. The difficulties faced by women in the new world. Some firsts for women in education in Canada. Events which brought women to a realization of their responsibilities as citizens during this half-century. Some employment figures for women. Women in the professions. Women seeking a voice in government. The lack of women in executive positions. The speaker's amusement at some of the reasons which are given for the non-admittance of women into certain groups. The lack of women appointed to the Senate of Canada, and in the House of Commons; comparing that to the situation in Europe. Women in provincial politics. Contribution of women by their participation in various organizations at the local, national and international level. The value of such work to society and what would happen without it. Changes in the next ten years. The mixed blessing of part-time work. Evidence of the acceptance of women in the workplace. Some statistics to illustrate the contribution by women to the nation's economy. Some predictions by the speaker. Expectations for women.