Vladimir Putin

Per Wijkman, The Honourable

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Sweden's ties with Great Britain. Similarities in government. Distances between Sweden and Great Britain. Sweden keeping up with air traffic over Scotland throughout the war. British visitors to Sweden during the war years. The nature of the Swedish people, some facts about Sweden. Sweden as an advanced democracy. A look at Sweden's history and development. Trade between Britain and Sweden. The treaty of 1654 between Sweden and the British Empire still valid today; confirmed in relation to Canada by an exchange of notes dating from 1911. The position of Sweden in World War II, determined by two main considerations. A wartime trade agreement with Great Britain, signed in December, 1939. Changes in trade due to the war. The German blockade. Consequences of such changes. A tribute to British daring and British seamanship. Norwegian ships in Swedish waters at the time of the invasion of Norway and what happened to them. Cultural exchanges between Britain and Sweden. General aims of Swedish policy. The cessation of trade with Germany. Relief to Northern countries by Sweden. Refugees in Sweden. Canadians in Sweden. Radical changes in the economic life of Sweden due to the war, similar to those in Canada. The drastic curtailment of Sweden's foreign trade. British and American approval of the safe conduct of traffic through Allied and German blockades. Sweden's refusal of asylum to war criminals. Some words about Canada and her future.