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Explaining what India is, and why it is rightly called "Our Indian Empire." The languages, people, climate, and religions of India. The different point of view of Indian people, with example. A physical description of India. The coastline of India, 5-6,000 miles, kept intact by the invisible authority of the British Navy. The history of India, from about 1400 or 1500 B.C. and how the British found themselves there. Indian affairs since the war which have been brought more into prominence, and why. The reform scheme, brought in in 1919, and not entirely satisfactory to either side. The structure and people of the Government of India. The Native States of India, with illustrative story. The budget of India: who pays for what. Some of the things that the British Empire has done for India in terms of transportation and security. British authority in India based almost entirely on tolerance. The defence of India. The modern tendency of political life in India towards home rule, towards declaring themselves a dominion, and amongst the most extreme members of the political parts in India, towards complete independence. Difficulties for the Englishman in India. The British heritage in India. The British in India, holding on and doing their best.