Vladimir Putin

Orman, The Hon. Rick

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The speaker's goal of building a bridge of better understanding among Canadians. Why such bridge-building is needed. Healing our wounded national spirit. The world-wide concern about oil prices and security of energy supplies. The issue of Ontario-Alberta relations with regard to energy matters as a focus of this discussion. Some background including the recreation of the Ontario Ministry of Energy in 1973 and the McKeough report: a major study on energy. The energy policies and the attitudes from 1973 to 1984 which led to problems for Alberta and Canada: some details. The buyer and seller relationship vis-à-vis Alberta and Ontario. A matter of fairness. The speaker offers a detailed discussion of this issue, addressing the topics of supply, "core market" users, world prices, Canadian prices, and government policies. The responsibilities of Alberta. An appeal to Canada's National Government, other provinces and the territories to respect Alberta's ownership and strategies for managing Albert'a energy resources.