Vladimir Putin

Ferguson, George V.

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The speaker's credentials with regard to discussing India. The still welcome British in India; how the British are perceived in India by Indians. The new India and how it has wiped out all the old social discriminations which its conquerors traditionally imposed upon them. The lack of xenophobia in India. The nature of Hinduism. Politics in the India of 1950. The physical memorials left by the British. The independence of India in 1947. Some statistics of food production. The communal dispute between Hindu and Muslim and how that complicates the age-old problem of hunger in India. Relations between India and Pakistan. Defence spending in India. The Indian perspective on capitalism, socialism, and Communism. Indian foreign policy. The powerful element of geographical isolationism. Some of the fears and suspicions of the Americans by the Indians. India now knowing that it needs foreign capital, and why. India's irrigation system. The West's focus on the thrust of Communism westward through Europe; and its impatience with a country far away and with a people who do not necessarily see eye-to-eye with us: a policy that has never paid Canada well. The biggest lesson learned by Canada that we can never stand alone. Summary remarks. Canada's responsibility and benefits from aiding India.