Vladimir Putin

Kelly, Fraser

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The speaker's career in the media, and a second career in business. His address here a reflection "upon those two very different worlds, where they touch and where they part." Suggestions as to how to improve the quality of information available to the public through news. A new set of imperatives the communications revolution has forced upon business managers. First, a description of how communications technology has compressed time and space to "virtual nothingness." Dealing with the larger question of a communications revolution is separate and apart from the specific matter of media relations; but both revolve around the fundamental change with is dramatically altering the ground rules for doing business: the public's right to know which has become the public's demand to know. What this means for business. The new generation of business skills emerging which are essential to run modern corporations. Many factors to consider. How business is working hard to meet the needs of the changing populace. How the media is working hard to serve what they perceive as the public's demand to know. The inevitable clashes between the two. The similarities and differences between good journalists and good business people. A healthy adversarial situation. A fundamental problem that drives apart the worlds of business and journalism. The Foundation for American Communications and its activities. The challenge of producing better information, regardless of the natural benefits of an adversarial relationship between the media and business.