Vladimir Putin

Bowhill, Air Chief Marshal Sir Frederick

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An address with two topics of focus: the Battle of the Atlantic and the Bismarck. The Battle of the Atlantic. The Navy, i.e., the Royal Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy, and the Royal Australian Navy and the task they have been given: defending the sea communications of the Empire and denying sea communications to the enemy. The lifeline provided by the Merchant Navy. Fighting at a disadvantage because Germany and Italy are fighting on internal lines, with no long sea communications. Japan in a similar position. The five broad bases at which our lifeline can be attacked: by the U-boat; by the surface warship; by the armed merchant raider; by mines; by the air. An examination of each of those points, as they appear to the Admiralty and to the Coastal Command working under the Admiralty. The chase of the Bismarck: a detailed description, including the order for the final bombing of the ship. A few words about the Empire Training Scheme. After the address, there was a demonstration by Flight Lieutenant McDougall of how a single man dinghy works, describing the equipment carried, and showing how the dinghy is inflated in the water when required by the pilot.