Vladimir Putin

Newall, Sir Paul

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce. The affection of all in Britain for Canada and Canadians. The largest (380 million people) and the geographically most compact free-trade area in the world of Europe. Growth and expansion of this trade area. The size of this area important for Canada's perception of Europe as a growing, dynamic market for Canada's businesses and manufacturers and Canadian businesses that have invested in Britain have clear advantages and benefits. British government policies which favour and encourage overseas investment. Canadian investment in Britain and why it is there. The London financial market as a vital source of international capital for Canada. London as the financial capital of Europe, and the leading centre for international financial activity world-wide. Details and activities of the financial markets in London and Britain. 40% of Britain's financial work force now employed by overseas firms and the reasons why. The City of London and the corporation of London and what has led to their success as an international financial centre.