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Rose, William Ganson

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The "Great" Lakes because they constitute the largest body of fresh water in the world. The true greatness of the Lakes perhaps lying in the influence they have had in furthering the industrial and commercial development of the Dominion of Canada and the United States. Some facts and figures concerning the inland waterways to strengthen faith in the future growth and prosperity of the Province of Ontario and of the States of the United States bordering upon the Great Lakes. Now the time to look forward to future achievements largely made possible by the land-locked seas. Some history of industry and commerce on the Great Lakes. Lake transportation and some specific examples of ships that used them. A consideration of how the lake cities have grown, particularly Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland. Figures to illustrate the industrial influence of the Great Lakes. The part the railroad has played in the development of the Great Lakes area. Tourism between Canada and the United States. Trade between Canada and the United States. Working as a team. Some major events in Great Lakes cities. The Great Lakes Exposition promoting acquaintance and strengthening goodwill between the Dominion and the United States. Weathering the depression. Full recovery dependent on world recovery. Developing harbours for ever-increasing traffic. Joining together in cohesive action through civic bodies to study international conditions affecting the Lakes region and making known the findings to our governments and citizens. Using the Great Lakes to mutual benefit. Building goodwill and good business as a constructive example for the world. The hope that Cleveland and Toronto, sister cities, may lengthen and strengthen the friendship that now exists.