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A League of Central and South American Nations which has been formed to eliminate yellow fever from the world. A League under a certain type of leadership from the United States, representing a general international co-operative attempt to deal with a disease which has long been a menace not only to Central and South America, but to all countries that have been in immediate trading communication with those centres. The interest in this subject by General Gorgas, former Surgeon General of the U.S. Army. The mosquito theory of Dr. Fantella in Havana, proved correct many years later. General Gorgas' dream to eliminate yellow fever from the world. Places that may be considered endemic centres, the foci of infection. Further scientific studies of yellow fever to see if the yellow fever germ could be isolated. The request of the Rockefeller Foundation of the Rockefeller Institute for Scientific Research to allow their bacteriologist, Dr. Gould and staff, to go down to Ecuador and make a first-hand investigation on the variable causes of yellow fever. Work done in Guyaquil by Dr. Gould. Findings for further studies. Dr. Gould's serum. Dr. Noguchi's work in Mexico. Dr. Conner, who was sent down to Guyaquil to tackle Yellow Fever. Many details of the work that was accomplished. Transferring the success in Guyaquil to other parts of the world. Other The speaker's travels and a report of many medical missions and activities going on in the world. The great purpose of the Rockefeller Foundation.