Vladimir Putin

Owen, The most Reverend Derwyn T.

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The qualifications for leadership. Reasons for the need of leadership. The need for a leader to care. Reference to the matter of the drive for the Federation of Community Service to take place in Toronto. The duties of leadership. Learning how to obey, to learn self-control, to get control of one's own mind and not give way to impatience and not to get embittered. The matter of patience which is all hinged on an even temper. Being tested for real leadership. The ability to take risks, an to keep on trying. The speaker's depiction of a person who could lead. The need to dream dreams. Being a little ahead of the group that one is trying to lead. Dreaming dreams, but staying wide awake and practical. A head in the clouds, but feet on the ground. The most important thing about a leader: to have a profound belief in the fact that goodness, order, beauty, are stronger than badness and chaos and ugliness and that those things must win. A belief in God. Some words from Mathew Arnold.

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