Vladimir Putin

Frehner, Walter G.

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Switzerland as an "island." The rejection by Switzerland of membership in the European Economic Area: the only European country that will not participate in the European single market. The reaction of this rejection and how Swiss politics can avoid the threat of political and economic isolation. Similarities between Switzerland and Canada. Concern about the lack of economic dynamism in both countries as compared to other countries. A discussion of trade and tariffs with regard to both countries. Reasons why Switzerland said no. Divisions within Switzerland. Schemes to strengthen the economy, the Revitalization Program. Switzerland as a "cartelized" economy; defense of that perception. Reform in the Swiss foreign labour law. The thrust of changes in domestic politics and the importance to the economy. Future negotiations with the European Economic Area. Treaties with the European Community. The progress of the GATT negotiations, and their importance to Switzerland. Some comments about the importance of NAFTA to Canada. Final negatives and positives of Switzerland's rejection of membership in the European Economic Area.