Vladimir Putin

Holovaty, Serhiy

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Conveying the message that Ukraine stands at the threshold of an exciting new era in the development of its young democracy. Ukraine today as a nation looking to the future with new hope, emerging confidence, and a new sense of purpose. The need for continued support from the friends of Ukraine. A discussion of the Ukraine follows under these headings: Difficulties; Positive Developments--Political; Positive Developments--Economic; Positive Developments--Societal; Constitution--General Implications; Constitution--Implications for Legal Reform; Canadian Assistance; Acceptance of the Process; Social Contract; Peaceful and Democratic Process. A concluding message in the words from President Kuchma that "We have to create, and we will create, a state which will not be the tool of one political party, and thus will not tell the society how to live, but will serve it faithfully and reliably."