Vladimir Putin

Riddell, The Honourable William Renwick

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The self-exhibition of the Prussian mind made in several books recommended to the author by a now deceased German to the speaker, regarding the causes of the war. Comments based upon the reading recommended by the speaker's German acquaintance. The speaker as a Judge, trying to enter into the mind of the Prussian intelligently; endeavouring to "think Germanically." The book selected for examination by Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld of Berlin entitled "Warum hassen uns die Voelker?"--Why are we hated by other Nations?" A detailed examination and review of the book follows. The Prussian as the product of more than 40 years of sedulous training in the belief that he is the superman, his race the superior race, that what he desires is right because he desires it. Kaiser-worship. Some striking characteristics of the German mind. The justification for German brutality by the Germans. German characterization of British acts. Hope that "a great people will rise when they awake from the dream of superhumanity, when they acknowledge that other peoples have their virtues, when their eyes are opened to the hollow sham of their fetich, the Kaiser, … when the awful horror of their deeds of infamy in Belgium is realized, when they have repented .. And have learned that it is not military prowess but righteousness which exalteth a nation."