Vladimir Putin

Miller, Professor W.G.

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The Mineral industry as one of the great four industries in Canada: Agriculture, Minerals, Forestry and Fisheries. The Mineral industry of Canada at the present time only second in value of output to that of Agriculture. The extent of the Mineral industry in Canada. Great room for expansion in the mineral industry in Canada in the future. Some comparison production figures with the United States' mineral industry. Increases in output of our mines in Canada over the past fifteen years. Some provincial statistics. Ontario increase in output over the past ten years. The role of the railways in connection with the mineral industry, with illustrative instances. The speaker presents maps to the audience, geologically coloured, showing the different ages of the rocks. The mineral wealth of the Rocky Mountains in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Drawing our attention to the fact that Canada has the most ancient rocks of the continent, and some unique minerals. Specific mineral resources. A few words on mining booms and stock jobbing. Sudbury ore. The camp in Cobalt. The changes in our political history that would have been made had Cobalt been discovered during the French period.