Vladimir Putin

Sifton, Hon. Clifford

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The work of the Commission on Conservation with regard to the conservation of our natural resources. Living in an age of exploitation, of development. The aim of everyone to make the natural resources contribute to the wealth of the individual and of the community. The abundant resources. The work of the United States Commission, making amends for the reckless waste and wanton destruction. The movement within the last few years to look to the conservation of our natural resources in order that the people of the present generation may derive the proper benefit from them, and in order that these resources may endure for the benefit of their posterity. Opposition to this movement. Three statements made by the speaker with regard to this movement in the United States and the consequences if its theories are not followed through. The United States today as what Canada will be in 30 or 40 years if proper means are not used now to preserve our natural resources. The position in Canada with regard to natural resources, especially in comparison to the United States. The great problem in Canada today how to arrive at a system of government whereby laws can be framed to protect resources permanently and to prevent them falling under monopolistic control. A few facts from history bearing on this subject. Illustrating the scope of conservation by pointing out what has happened without it. Ways in which Conservation policy affects our population. The question of water-power. Looking at the Grand River to see what happens when the forests have been cut away from the sources and along the banks. An estimate of Canada's supply of timber. The importance of conserving our forests to ensure the supply for all time to come. A word upon the subject of agriculture, the most valuable resource we have because it raises a virile population which is the backbone of a nation. Agriculture production in Ontario.