Vladimir Putin

Greenfield, Hon. Herbert

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An examination of the past few years of Canadian history. Unrest in Canada. Effects in the political sphere. Affected matters in the political sphere in Western Canada, particularly in the Province of Alberta. The shattering of old party affiliations. Why the old party system lost its appeal. Getting away from the biggest curse of political life in Canada: the campaign fund. The overturning of the Provincial Government in the Province of Alberta; why and how it happened. How these change were seen and reported in Eastern Canada. The object of the political movement of the farmers of Alberta: using every effort to build up in the province an intelligent, responsible Canadian citizenship as the first step towards intelligent responsible government. What was done in the central office. Costs of running a provincial election in Alberta, with dollar figures. The speaker's hope that the forces which brought about the change in Western Canada will sweep the Dominion from end to end, making the public life of Canada a thing that men shall count it an honour and privilege to step into, and not feel that they have to shirk. The need in Canada to get our public life upon such a plane that the very best men that Canada has will enter it, and enter gladly. The difficulties under which Canada is working today. The speaker's urging of the audience to try to understand a movement before condemning it. The need to understand each other as fully as we possibly can, with broad-mindedness and broad vision and tolerance.

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