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The Impact of the Jet in World Aviation as an appropriate topic in the year of celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' achievement. Taking stock of events in recent times and also a look into the future. Progress in aviation in the first half of the present century: astounding as to almost pass comprehension. These developments to a notable extent the logical outcome of the basic scientific research and discoveries of great figures of the past. An historical review. The speaker's belief that of all the remarkable events since 1903, the one with the most far-reaching effects that which occurred in May of last year when 36 passengers took off in a Comet from London Airport on the first regular passenger service in the world to be flown by a 500 mile-an-hour jetliner on the route to Johannesburg, South Africa. Details of the Comet with facts and figures. Activities at B.O.A.C. How the jetliner will contribute to peace in the world. Some specific plans at B.O.A.C. The new turbo-propeller Bristol Britannia. What must happen before the inauguration of global passenger services. Commercially profitable routes. Some technical problems to be solved. Canadian contribution to the aircraft. Purchases from Canada by Canadian Pacific Airlines and the Royal Canadian Air Force and by Trans-Canada Airlines. Comet training by B.O.A.C. to Royal Canadian Air Force crews in Britain. Other British jetliners on the drawing board. The British and Canadian character strangely attuned to the air age. The present Elizabethan age repeating in the air what the first Elizabethan era saw at sea. B.O.A.C. now actively engaged in arrangements for girdling the world with two routes--one in the Northern Hemisphere, the other in the South. Details of the routes. Freedom in the air as the heritage of Britain. The need for all of us to strive to fulfil the hope that air travel in this new jet age shall make a lasting contribution to human understanding to the ultimate cause of peace.