Vladimir Putin

Knowles, Stanley Howard

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Some preliminary remarks about the Padlock Act and the right to freedom of discussion in Canada. Sir Lyman Duff's meaning of free discussion. The Parliament of Canada and what it is. The struggles that take place in parliament, as they should. The opposition's right, indeed its duty, whenever it feels strongly about any matter of public policy, whether it be something the government is proposing or concern over something the government is failing to propose, to criticise and attack the government for all it is worth. The opposition's right to insist at all times on the full protection of the rules of debate. The role of the opposition in democracy. The term "His (or Her) Majesty's Opposition" being in use longer than the title "Prime Minister." The importance of the role of the opposition in parliament and Canadian politician's recognition of that importance. Some history and origin of the terms. Three specific tasks to which the opposition must address itself: checking, prodding, and in the third place attempting to replace the government. A discussion of each of these tasks. The government and the opposition on trial during election time. The challenge that confronts any opposition party.