Vladimir Putin

Weir, Hon. W.A.

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The men and women of Quebec, working together in harmony in order to hasten the future greatness of Canada. The public men produced in the Province of Quebec. Issues of the clergy in Quebec. The great County of Pontiac, represented by a citizen of Ontario; the County of Argenteuil also represented by a man whose interests are in the Province of Ontario--showing that the people of Quebec recognize a good man when they see him. The lack of mortgages in the whole rural districts of Quebec, speaking well for the industry of the people. Remarks on loyalty. Quebec's loyalty to Canada. The great and over-powering sociability of the French-Canadians. The reception and kindness accorded to the English members of the Quebec Legislature. A word about Education in the Province of Quebec. One reason why Quebec has not developed as rapidly as desired. Resources of the Province of Quebec. The lake St. John region, beyond the Laurentian Mountains at the head of the Saguenay River. The pulp industry. Water power. Mineral development. One black feature from the speaker's point of view: that the English-speaking people are leaving the Province and the farmers are going to the North-West. The bright future of the Province of Quebec.