Vladimir Putin

Beaudoin, Laurent

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Evidence that the hard work of the last few difficult years has placed our economy on the right track. The question of how we can make sure the economy keeps growing and Canada remains competitive through to the next century. How to continue to succeed in a changing world. The performance of individual companies such as Nortel, Magna, Barrick Gold on the world stage, and also mid-size or even small companies that are exporting successfully around the world. A brief history and description of Bombardier from its modest beginnings in Valcourt, Quebec half a century ago, now a global competitor. Development within and beyond Canada's borders. Worldwide sales. A worldwide mandate for marketing, sales and service for all of the company's commercial aircraft. Employment figures. Details of product groups in mass transit, business aircraft, and motorised consumer products. Bombardier's commercial aerospace sector and the importance of this industry to Canada. The level of government involvement in the commercial aircraft industry in Canada today, and in comparison to that in other countries, with details and figures. The Canadian government showing restraint and thoughtfulness in the way it ensures Canadian aerospace is not crippled before a global ratcheting down of government support takes place. Expectation that foreign government subsidies to the aerospace industry will come down in coming years as pressures mount on these governments to reduce their public debt, to privatise and to stop tampering with market forces. What's happening in Europe in this regard. Canada at the forefront of these changes. Canada's important comparative advantages in the aerospace sector.Keeping our politics from doing permanent damage to our economy. A growing tension between the harsh economic and fiscal realities facing the Quebec government. Calling upon our store of pragmatism, good-will, and openness to new ideas to resolve our national challenges. How we can make the 21st century belong to Canada. The need for governments, businesses and citizens to show a renewed determination to settle our political and constitutional differences.