Vladimir Putin

Robinson, Dr. James H.

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The revolutionary changes in Africa that are "shaking every social, economic, political and cultural foundation of that continent from the Mediterranean to the Cape of Good Hope and from Dakar on the west to Zanzibar on the east." Such changes taking place over the last two decades, particularly the last ten, not just in Africa alone. A short review of what has been happening in the world since World War II. The many factors contributing to the tremendous events which are reshaping Africa. A rediscovery of Africa by Western nations and a discovery of Africa on the part of all the other nations of the world which had no relationship with the continent. A discovery of the world by Africans. The rejection of colonialism and that it cannot move with the same speed in all countries. The sad example of the Congo. Other examples of the break with colonialism. Pan-Africanism: what that means and what it is destined to become. A new recognition of the importance of self as African countries reach toward a new dignity of self-respect and independence. How those outside Africa must come to terms with this. Psychological problems created by the necessary synthesis of the old and the new and implications thereof. A few startling facts to accurately gauge the rapid pace of change and development in Africa.