Vladimir Putin

Erhard, Dr. Ludwig

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A joint Meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The need for closer ties among the nations of Europe, but a concern with the split of the still free part of Europe into two blocks: the European Economic Community and the European Free Trade Association. Negotiations for British membership in the European Economic Community (EEC). The concept of supranationality adopted by the EEC. A lack of clarity, with a specific example in the Strasbourg Parliament of the Community. The failure to set up a European Defence Community. Independent nationalism versus economic collectivism. Political intentions of the EEC? Large economic areas making for closer ties, but reducing the ability of their member countries to act on their own. An example of this circumstance. Questioning "whether the political maturity of nations is not lagging behind their possibilities to dominate the material sphere, and thus to improve or re-arrange men's basic living conditions." A summary of the speaker's theses and some concluding remarks.