Vladimir Putin

Fleming, Donald M.

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The simple matter that it now is to visit Central Europe compared with four years ago. The increasing importance of Central European affairs for every Canadian, and why. Going to Britain, Germany and France in order to feel the pulse of Western Europe. Fearing the weakening of our position in Central Europe, still the most critical area in all the world today. A look at the economic recovery of these three nations. Recalling the world four years ago. A detailed look at the economy, society, government, politics and people of each of Germany, France, and Britain. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The speaker's visit to its headquarters in Paris and an extended conference with Lord Ismay, the Secretary General, and others. Some facts in connection with the development of NATO. Progress being made by NATO. The staff of NATO. The role being fulfilled by the Canadians. The Canadian Brigade. Conduct of the troops, and stories circulating about them. The arrival of the squadrons of the Royal Canadian Air Force. The question of German Rearmament, influenced by Russian aggression. Some last words about the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Britain's leadership.