Vladimir Putin

Philip, Percy James

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Some background to and remarks on the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Reference to the speaker's previous speech "Cross Roads" given in 1949. Events over the last 18 months: choices made or had thrust upon us; which road to follow and of the people with whom we travel. The Canadian choice to defence which we believe to be right, against what is felt to be evil. The uneasy road to travel. Our mutual defence system. The importance of being frank and open about the attitude, actions, and intentions of the Soviet government. The need to be prepared. The danger that a small group of people can lead a nation into a war that could be avoided. Another danger of relying too much on our material and too little on our spiritual strength. Mistakes made by Hitler, and now by the people in Moscow. The Korean incident and how it showed the pattern of Moscow's tactics. How the Communists were allowed to overrun China. What was different in Korea. The common-sense view taken in England. Signs of the pacifist isolationist cult reviving in the U.S. A reversal of this view last June. A look at how the U.S. has become a partner of the Commonwealth. The importance of sea power in the current war. The rumour about a Soviet submarine in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The political situation in Scotland with regard to separation from England. The situation in France. The concern in France that it will again become a battlefield, and about getting mixed up in an ideological war. The speaker's purpose of encouraging us on the road away from illusion.