Vladimir Putin

Camsell, Dr. Charles

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The need for the mobilization of all our resources in the present struggle. The importance of minerals to the modern industrial civilization. Various policies adopted by countries to deal with the need for raw materials. Deficiencies in domestic supplies met by purchases from other nations. A brief examination of the contributions that can be made by a nation's mining industry to its military needs in time of war in two ways. The production of those minerals that are essential for the manufacture of armaments, munitions, and other war supplies, and the creation of essential foreign credits by the production of gold, silver, and other minerals surplus to national needs. Control of three-fourths of the world's mineral production by the United States and the British Empire. How Canada contributes to Empire strength, with figures. The extent and variety of essential metals produced by Canada, with figures. The role of minerals in terms of Canada's history and development. Canada as the leading producer of copper, lead, zinc, and nickel, with figures. Canada's production of iron ore, and aluminum metals. Canada's output of gold. The field of non-metallics in Canada, such as asbestos, gypsum, salt, and coal. Petroleum production. The situation with regard to petroleum in Germany. Canada's contributions of the base metal mines of this country toward the war effort.