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Baldwin, The Right Honourable Stanley

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Words of praise for Joe Wright, a Canadian sculler and sportsman. The subject of education to be addressed here because Ontario as always taken the lead in education. Interest in England to see how she is grappling with her problems. Ontario famous for her schools, and Toronto famous for her university and her colleges. The heritage of a love of education from Scotland. Education in England for 5-6 million children in primary schools, who attend up to the age of 14. The difficult problem to know how to make the best use of the last years of life in primary school. The village schools, which hold a prominent place in rural life. The doubling of numbers in secondary education, as one happy result of the war. Getting some kind of common life I the new universities where the college system, as in Cambridge and Oxford, has not hitherto come into being. The example of Hart House in Toronto. Canadians now beginning to play their part in looking after those parts of the Empire where the white man goes often alone to teach, to educate, and to bring along the more backward races of the Empire. Canadians in the Sudan and in the colonial services. Education associations for the adult worker in England. A tribute to Toronto's medical school. Medical work in the primary schools in England. Some comments on the "intelligentsia." The educational system of a democratic state and what its aims should be. Education and democracy to work hand in hand. Differences between Canada and Great Britain: one overwhelmed by history, the other by geography. The speaker as visitor judging that Canada is shaping her own destiny with a vigorous independence. The importance of education to democracy.

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