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Baden-Powell, Lt.-Gen. Sir Robert; Bullock, Hon. Willoughby; McKenzie, Dr. Stanley

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Mr. Munro Grier first offers the delegates a most cordial welcome. Sir Baden-Powell: The Scout Movement in the Old Country. The Boy Scout Movement in Canada in the embryo stage. Training the men first. Keeping the ideals of the movement; not losing themselves in the business of uniforms or clothing or badges. The aim of turning out boys as happy citizens and under happy influence, healthy and helpful citizens. Making a truer brotherhood. The next jamboree. Two reasons why Canadian delegates are wanted at the jamboree. Effects of the last jamboree. The opportunity of sending these boys to Canada to work on the farms. Hon. Willoughby Bullock, Attorney-General of the Bahama Islands: The necessity for those in the Bahamas to study elsewhere due to the lack of a population large enough to support a university or training college. Future developments in education. An invitation to Canadians to visit the Bahamas. McKenzie, Dr. Stanley, Principal of Dalhousie University: All but 2% of the people in the Maritime Provinces hailing from the Old Land. Reference to a famous speech made by Dr. Cowan of Regina. Our relationship and our life in the Empire. The need for a knowledge of the Empire and a knowledge of ourselves in order to hold ourselves in the proper place in regard to it. Dr. Kerby of Calgary: Natural resources of Western Canada. Western Canada-grown wheat. Still in the West a genuine love of, and loyalty for Canada and the Empire. Talking too much in terms of East and West. The desire to talk in terms of the Dominion of Canada.