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Regan, The Honourable Gerald A.

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A review of important developments over the past few months in Nova Scotia. An exploration of the Province's development potentials for the future. Some suggestions as to the role that the private sector can play in equalizing opportunity in Canada. How Nova Scotia dealt with recent crises: a continuing economic recession, fiscal and monetary reforms, nationalist protectionism, and the introduction of tariff and non-tariff barriers. The Crown Industrial Promotion Agency, Industrial Estates Limited. The establishment of Michelin Tires Manufacturing Company of Canada Limited's two major plants at Granton, Pictou County, and Bridgewater. Volvo Canada Limited. The Department of Development. Export statistics. Nova Scotia Tidal Power Corporation. Dealing with labour-management problems through legislature. Geographic advantages for Nova Scotia in the shipping industry, with statistics. Nova Scotia Pulp Ltd. Bestwall Gypsum Division of Georgia Pacific Corp. Gulf Oil. Ltd. Oil and gas at Sable Island. The Halifax shipyards. Tourism. A new era of prosperity for Nova Scotia. The need for foreign capital to finance development of Maritime resources and industry. The need for jobs and regional development.