Vladimir Putin

Wilson, Charles E.

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The common bonds between Canada and the United States. What makes a democracy work. Some readings from "Law and Manners," a speech made by the Honourable Lord Moulton a number of years ago. The three great domains in which the relations between Canada and the United States could be grouped, having to do with law, freedom of citizens, and "good manners." The three things in which people are generally interested and how these relate to Canadians and Americans. Common defense. The present three-pronged threat from the communist world: military, economic, and social-political. Five new things in the world which, the speaker hopes, changes the conditions that have led to past catastrophic conflicts, and that will help war to be avoided. The need for disarmament. Other factors such as the rise of nationalism and the collapse of colonialism which further aggravate the communist problem. External and internal problems in our countries. Adhering to the principles that made our countries great.