Vladimir Putin

Stefansson, Vilh Jalmur

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The glorious news of the day. Finding out about the war over a year after Britain had entered on the struggle, for two members of the speaker's expedition as well as himself then supposed to be dead. The speaker's latest expedition in many ways the most extensive polar enterprise every undertaken. Credit for the size and the thoroughness of its equipment belonging chiefly to our Government and to the Minister and Deputy Minister of Naval Service. The greatest consequence of the expedition: the introduction of a new method into polar exploration. Some details as to how and why this was a new method. Obtaining equipment from the Prince of Monaco for oceanography. Getting scientific staff from several countries. First difficulties in terms of a vessel. The need to alter methods. How Admiral Peary handled the issue of food. Relying on the animals of the sea. How it came about that it was thought that the expeditioners were dead. What actually happened, and how food was found. Securing necessities from the Arctic environment, including food, clothing and shelter. Advantages of the snow house. Things which the experience has led the speaker to see ought to be done by the Government of Canada. Selling reindeer meat. A review of the historical attitude about the uninhabitable north. Conquering the ramparts of ignorance trench by trench. The economic value of the north of Canada. A suggestion for the experimental domestication of the musk-oxen. Natural resources of the north. The climate of northern Canada by no means prohibitive of further development.