Vladimir Putin

Parks, Professor W.A.

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The name of Cobalt on every tongue today. A description of the town of Cobalt. Present mining claims. A description of cobalt ore. The chief use of cobalt. The mineral which contains cobalt, and its characteristics. The worth of cobalt in ore. Stereopticon views accompanying the address. A photograph of the biggest cobalt vein in the world. Early mines. A brief history of cobalt mining. Locations of the rich veins. The big vein recently discovered on the Nipissing property. A photograph of the mines which are shipping ore. How the properties are worked, in some detail and with accompanying pictures. Advances made. What the prospector has to guide him in searching for these ores. The geological structure of the country. The rocks in which silver and cobalt ores are found. The presence of eruptives, such a rock as the farmers in the country gather up and call green hardheads. The chances for the spread of the area, accompanied by a map of the area. Companies capitalized at present at Cobalt, and some dollar figures. Necessary production to cover capitalization, to pay interest and a reasonable profit. Increasing output. Being careful not to be led away by the fact that some of these properties are very valuable and selling at a high figure. The danger of over-capitalization and over-sanguine investors, apt to cause the usual mining boom, and the usual depression which follows.