Vladimir Putin

Gourlay, R.S.

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Some statistical facts that refer to Toronto's position today industrially and commercially. First, two plans which the speaker brought with him that show an accurate survey of the city waterfront, and the proposed changes, colour-coded. A discussion from three standpoints: the value of the harbour improvement plan from an industrial, commercial, and home-living point of view. Facts and figures to indicate the industrial position of Toronto. Those aspects of the plan which show what has been provided in order to augment, increase, and develop industrial life, with specific details for each area. Features of the industrial area. Proximity to the heart of the city. Markets that will be supplied. A financial standpoint with regard to industry. Providing for small manufacturing. Commercial development; the trader and jobber's standpoint, in common with the manufacturer. An economic axiom: that the greatest factor in making or marring a commercial metropolis is the ease and cost of freight handling and transportation. The chief factors in developing any commercial centre. Torontonians almost a decade behind some neighbouring cities. Our lack of valuing and using waterborne transportation as we should. The advantages of waterborne freight to the commercial life of Toronto. A look at some freight costs. In our interest as citizens of Toronto to see that this waterfront is the property of the city through the Harbour Commission for all time. A look at the plans to show what is being proposed in order to cover the commercial situation, with specific details and costs. The home-living part of the plan. The great deal of thought given by the Harbour Commissioners in this regard. Plans for a lagoon park treatment, for an island park treatment, and a western park treatment. A look at the plan for specific details. Provision for beaches, play grounds, bath houses, aquatic club sites, and all that will give the citizens of Toronto, from one end of the city to the other, the very best use of park land, and of a protected water-way along the entire city front at a minimum of cost, with the expectation that Toronto shall have a model waterfront in the years to come as well as an income from the same that will make Toronto more than ever the ideal spot on the continent for home-living through both the summer and the winter seasons.