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Some of the challenges facing The Hospital for Sick Children and the health care system in the years ahead. Some of the problems currently facing us and the capacity of the current funding system. Some of the exciting things happening at The Hospital for Sick Children. The state of Canada's health care in general, and in the recent past. The Hospital for Sick Children as a testimony to public support for health care. Developments at The Research Institute. Descriptions and illustrative examples of developments and the value of technology. How Canada is not keeping pace with technological developments. Reasons for waiting lists for high-cost surgery. The price, and increasing price, of quality health care. Factors increasing the price. The issue of expectations. How to meet increasing costs. Can the money come from the taxpayer? A series of questions, concerns, and issues facing health care and the costs of health care. Building on a well-established base of health care. Making choices before it is too late to make them.