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Baig, His Excellency Mirza Osman Ali

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The country of Pakistan, a country at the opposite end of the earth and, of necessity, somewhat unfamiliar to the majority of the audience. A description of the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent. The policy and the destiny of any country governed mainly by its geographical situation; the position of Pakistan. Pakistan considered by its people to be a separate nation from the Indians. Pakistan separated into two parts geographically. The differences and problems between Pakistan and India. Taking encouragement from the example of the former British North American colonies; hostilities between Canada and the United States, but now protecting the common frontier with common bonds of friendship. The history of Canada since Confederation and how it furnishes many analogies and comparisons with the issues which confront Pakistan currently. The fate of Kashmir. Boundary water disputes. The new issue of whether the strengthening of the armed forces of Pakistan with help from a friendly Western power would detrimentally affect the so-called "neutral area" in South Asia. Pakistan's attitude towards the rest of the world. Origins and history. Support for all the peoples in other parts of the world who are still struggling to break the bonds of colonialism, by Pakistan. Providing the proper ways and means for help through the United Nations Organization and the Colombo Plan. Pakistan and Canada as sister nations. Pakistan's progress basically and primarily dependent on her own effort and determination, but some assistance through the Colombo Plan. Canada's contribution through money and training. Pakistan's uneven economic progress with a more promising general outlook: a review. Advances in agriculture. Promoting industry. Pakistan's proposed new Constitution. Evolution to independence within the Commonwealth, passing through stages rather different from those of Canada. Some enduring association between Pakistan and the different countries of the Commonwealth. Getting to know the countries of the Commonwealth other than Britain. Welcoming Canada's Prime Minister to Pakistan.