Vladimir Putin

Cavell, Captain R.G.

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This address is a description and discussion of the speaker's experiences as he worked and travelled through the British Empire, speaking on the subject "Canada and the British Empire." The year 1938 as the most difficult year in recent history; 1939 continuing the trend. The very precarious peace. Scientists and engineers engaged in the creation of weapons of destruction rather than for the betterment of mankind. What has brought about this appalling situation. An examination of Germany and Britain, going back about 100 years. German Prussianism a menace to the peace of the world prior to 1914 and still a menace today. The comparatively recent rise of Italy and Japan, breeding in them a fierce nationalism, responsible for the present situation and the destruction of the League of Nations. The creed of Fascism raising its ugly head on the Continent of Europe, preaching the doctrine of force. Such creed well suited to these new nationalistic nations. The world today slowing dividing into two great armed camps: dictatorships and democracies. The creed of force being introduced into international politics. How this introduction of force into world affairs has been a very great blow to the democratic nations. The importance of a solid and united Empire in these difficult times. A consideration of this Empire in some detail and an examination of some of the difficulties with which it is beset. A tour of the Empire with a view to understanding it better. The part that Canada is destined to play in the British Commonwealth of Nations, particularly if war breaks out in Europe. Canada living up to its Constitution. The importance of Canadians understanding the real meaning of democracy. Suggestions for Canada.