Vladimir Putin

Pattullo, Honourable T.D.

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Some personal reminiscences. Reference to the discoveries and inventions made by science as they relate to the position of affairs we find ourselves in today. Changes and their implications. Progressive evolution. Science that has raised our standard of living, and at the same time Canada's enviable position in terms of its resources and its people. The protection of Great Britain and the United States. Canada now suffering from growing pains. Finding that the terms laid down by the Fathers of Confederation are not now meeting the exigencies which have since occurred; not meeting the responsibilities placed upon the provinces and which rest also with the Dominion of Canada. The speaker's hope that all those who have the opportunity through the press and otherwise will not at this time use language or say things that will make the logical outcome more difficult. The appointment of a Commission to investigate various phases of Canada's economic life, particularly the financial relationships between the Provinces and the Dominion. Results of other Dominion-Provincial conferences which have been held. The feeling in British Columbia that the terms under which they entered confederation were not just. Details of representations made by British Columbia to the Dominion Government. The need to approach the issues in a spirit of tolerance and mutual good will. The speaker's contention that those from the West of Canada understand the position of the East better than the reverse, since many of those from the West came from the East. A detailed discussion follows describing British Columbia, and its position with regard to Confederation, and Federal-Provincial responsibilities. Dollar figures are included. The belief that the terms of the British North America Act are now working a hardship on British Columbia, and the reasons for that belief. Suggestions for changes. A discussion of Ontario and Quebec in the matters of tariff and freight rates. The adverse provincial trade balance between British Columbia and Ontario and Quebec. An illustrative example in the automobile trade. A discussion of the issue of Income Tax. The problem of unemployment, with a suggestion for a reasonable intervention programme. The situation with the railways. A tribute to private endeavour so far as British Columbia is concerned, and its cooperation with the Government. The situation in the North. Living in the shadow of the cataclysm of war. British Columbia standing behind the Canadian Government in a broad programme of National Defense for the preservation of Canada and the integrity of the Empire.