Vladimir Putin

Efford, The Hon. John

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Viewing the sealing industry in the context of Newfoundland and Labrador's entire fishing industry and its role in the economy. The profound impacts of the moratoria on principal groundfish stocks, especially northern cod, with some figures. Employment levels for Newfoundland and Labrador in comparison with the rest of Canada. The significant factor of out-migration. A detailed description of some of the fishing and sealing industry and communities. Revolutionary changes in the sealing industry. Growing markets. Omega-3 oil and other commercial products. Three principal cornerstones, around which the Newfoundland and Labrador government fully supports a seal harvest and are committed to its further development. Complementary management measures put in place by the Government of Canada to regulate the harvest. Seals as a healthy, renewable and abundant resource. A discussion of the seal herds and the commercial seal hunt. Claims and counters to them by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.