Vladimir Putin

Philip, Percy James

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The speaker's last 15 months in France. A beginning statement: "I am sure we can win this war." The long, grim road ahead. Thinking of those people in Europe who have lost the war already and who are in the Nazi grip. The situation in England. The British people. Hitler's character and nature. A weak strain in the rank and file of the Germans. The toughness of the British, Canadians, Australians, Afrikaners, and New Zealanders. What makes us so tough. What it is going to take to win. Witness to Hitler's blitzkrieg. The well-equipped and well-organized army of Hitler. Being proud of the decision of the British Government and the two Commanders to take the army out of Dunkerque, and the way in which it was done. A bow to the French Army. The situation in France. Superior air forces of the Germans. The systematic bombing. The speaker's last sight on Vimy Ridge. The Vichy Government. The spirit among the common people of France. Signs that there is a weakness, that there is not a complete mastery of the situation on the side of the Axis. The situation in North Africa. The need for the sympathy of the invaded peoples and the possibility of their ultimate revolt, if we are to win the war. Aid from the Dutch and Belgian colonies. The Czechs, Poles, Danes, Norwegians, Dutch, Belgians and Frenchmen in our armies. The right kind of propaganda. Strange stories reaching us of development sin Africa, and even stranger of trouble within France. Being patient. Being sure that we are on the right road. An anecdote of one of the speaker's experiences in Paris when he had what was to become a recurrent dream. The major war in which we are involved, which will leave no man's life unaffected. Consequences of losing. A new law and a new order if we win. Holding hard by that courage which is freedom and to that freedom which is happiness.