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Ironside, General Sir William Edmund

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A picture of India including population, geography, resources, finances. A comparison with South Africa. The issue of autonomy. The complication of the several nations that make up India, along with the hundred languages. The two main religions of Mahommedanism and Hinduism, in the sort of state of 1600 in England. Why the British troops will not leave India. Very little shooting in India. Some anecdotes. The lack of oppression. Going as fast as possible to give India autonomy. Religious and caste difficulties. The untouchables. Gaining an understanding of the caste system. How things have changed with regard to the caste system. Problems caused by educating a number of Indians, at home and abroad, but not being able to give them places to work. Political difficulties. What the British in India are attempting to do. A young democracy springing up in British India. The Mutiny and its results. Courtesy between the upper castes of India and the Civil Service. Keeping the British Army in India, and reasons for that decision. Problems on the frontier. India ready to support itself.